AKQ Bridge

2   Winners
3   Invite
5   Overcalls

Ch 3   The Game Invite page 1

A key aim in bridge is to bid and make 4H or 4S, in order to score "game" bonus points.

The bidding sequence, that gets you to 4H and 4S, is called a "game invite".

To see if you have an intuitive feel for the concept, try and guess what 3H, in the sequence below, means?
Partner You
1H 2H
3H ...
Click    Your partner is inviting you to bid 4H ("game") or to Pass, depending upon the strength of your hand.

This bidding sequence, the "game invite", is the key bidding sequence in bridge. This chapter shows you what each of these bids (1H - 2H - 3H) means, and how to decide whether to bid "game" (4H) or to pass.